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Community Workshops & Inspiration

The CIE is committed to inspiring, knowledge sharing, and live long growth for all members of our community. In 2019, we ran a series of LeadHers Workshops for female students and mothers to attend and learn together. Find out about their experience.

Our 2021 Breakfast Series is an opportunity to get involved. See our events page for dates and booking.

LeadHers Workshops

Our Businesses in Residence [BIR]

We offer services, space, and creative thinking for our BIRs. Currently, we have two BIRs who engage with the CIE to help solve business problems, identify trends and future opportunities, and use our space for co-working and workshops.

One Minute Closer

World’s Biggest Garage Sale

Inspiring our Students to think like Entrepreneurs

St Paul’s Students in years 7-12, Teachers, and Staff Members have the opportunity to apply and participate in a 10 Week Entrepreneurs Club Program.

With over 60 students now graduating in the three years of our program, there are some amazing businesses in development.

Here are some of the fabulous ideas and future businesses that have been inspired and created during the program.

Paired Memories

With values of Recycle, Repurpose, and Remember, Paired Memories is making a difference to lives and the environment by turning old unusable uniforms into bags, teddies, balls and more. Two Year 11 Boys and a Staff Member make up the dynamic trio.

Matt Black Literacy Series

A Teacher and a Year 9 Student are working on a book series with accompanying resources to entertain, inspire, and engage primary school students in literacy and reading. They have invented Matt Black, a character children everywhere will love.

Solar Buddies

Having a passion for clean energy, in particular solar power, led our two budding entrepreneurs in year 9 and year 11 come up with a solution to make it more appealing and manageable for landlords to install solar power in rental properties. Our 2018 Entrepreneurs Club winners!

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