About us

The St Paul’s Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs (CIE) provides education and services that inspire creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship to support the preparation of students for the uncertain and dynamic future ahead of them.

At the CIE, we want students to feel confident in their ability to thrive in the extraordinary future ahead of them, where ever their paths and passions take them. This means investing in our students by enabling them to understand they can make a difference by caring, creating, and pursuing.

We do this by offering programs, workshops, and other services to set students up with the frameworks, processes, and legitimacy to make a difference to the lives of others and themselves. The CIE provides programs and opportunities such as:

  • Startups in Resident (SIR) – supporting and encouraging students to validate and pursue their own business or community idea
  • Hackathons/Startup Camps – engaging students in face-paced hackathon style workshops to help them grow their entrepreneurial mindset and toolbox
  • Mentors and Excursions –  exposing students to the possibilities with inspiring guest speakers, mentors, and visiting innovative and entrepreneurial companies and hubs,
  • Curriculum links – working with and supporting teachers to link and embed entrepreneurial mindsets and frameworks to the classroom units and outcomes,
  • International School Programs – students from visiting schools are offered the opportunity to grow their entrepreneurial mindset through custom build 1-5 day programs.

We also grow students’ capacity to learn from others by creating a physical environment where they learn and experience alongside older and younger students and adults, providing multi-generational learning opportunities.

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