CIE Stories

A desire for a new puppy prompted a hard conversation with their parents about the funding required to add this family member. As a result, Hand Made Cards was born and the twins are now well on their way to welcoming their puppy. Hear directly from them here.

A similar motivation to have a four legged friend at home, was the prompt for Riley creating his Animal Care business. Learn more here.

Evie started building on her idea for a customised organiser bag in her Exceed class.  She presented the concept to potential prospects at a Grand Bazaar and was overwhelmed for orders. Hear Evie’s pitch here. 

Former St Paul’s student Sameel started his Chipita business with the support of the Centre for Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

You can hear his story here.

Current student Shivani was similarly inspired and has kicked off her sweet treats business through one of the Grand Bazaar events run each term.