Design Led Ventures (DLV) enable learners and organisations to grow as innovative thinkers through developing innovative functional solutions that enhance how we live. The DLV is underpinned by a design led process which provides opportunities for learners to understand authentic needs and issues within a variety of context.

As participants travel along the DLV Pathway to Innovation they work within three iterative design phases of Engage, Ideate and Prototype to create and convey novel ideas and functional solutions that meet a need or issue relative to a specific context. In developing a solution there may be entrepreneurial opportunities where the solution can be further investigated and implemented

2023 Design Led Ventures

What a night! On Tuesday 31 October, 2023 two DLV teams explained the process they’d followed to pitch a solution to an identified opportunity, to significantly improve the operations of Amazon and Franna respectively. In turn, team members explained how they had collected and analysed data, highlighting the process they’d used for selecting only one idea with a ‘Wow’ factor from the one hundred identified.

The Franna team presented first, with an Augmented Reality solution to onboarding and upskilling staff. At the end of the presentation, the General Manager of Franna asked how much the solution would cost and how long it would take for implementation. Indeed the questions were challenging, and the DLV team were ready with thoughtful responses.

The Amazon DLV team then showed their prototype model of a multi-level layout at the Brisbane Fulfilment Centre, aimed at improving operational efficiency, and including an element of fun with a slippery slide for staff incorporated into the design. The Amazon leadership team commended the proposal and reported that elements had already been incorporated into other Amazon sites.

2021 Design Led Venture

Two teams of students from Years 7 to 12 took part in a Design Led Venture working with two clients: University of Sunshine Coast (USC) – Moreton Bay and Medline Australia.

In 2021, students completed a 16-week journey which included workshops, challenges, interviewing stakeholders, excursions, guest speakers, design thinking, honing their creative dispositions and developing their entrepreneurial skills.

2020 Design Led Venture

Over the course of 15 weeks, 20 students from St Paul’s School in North Brisbane across Years 7-12 were engaged by two companies to help them solve business improvement challenges as part of a Design Led Venture.

The two companies were RACQ’s Youth Division (Free 2 Go), which specialises in insurance for people aged 16-24, and Anti-Ordinary, a startup which has designed a skiing/snowboarding helmet that looks like a beanie.

2019 Design Led Venture

A group of students from Years 6 to 12 took part in a Design Led Venture which worked with the World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) to understand and identify a need, opportunity or problem to resolve. The students worked through an iterative design-led process to deliver an innovative solution.

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